Interaction - Busy Farmer

Continue with the farmer project. The little farmer wants to catch a chick during the quiet night. However, he scares them away.

Oct 2, 2017


Scene - Busy Farmer

Continue with last week idea. I import some assets from Sketchfab and create this farm scene for my character. After a whole day of working, the farmer finally can have a rest.

Sep 19, 2017


Skeleton Lab

Calibrate the room and create a skeleton for each member of the team that wants to record an animation.

Sep 19, 2017


Mood Board - Busy Farmer

I have always been interested in farming life, which involves growing vegetables, hunting for meat and having adventure on an island or in a forest. Therefore, this time I want to try to use MoCap for a old farmer character, who is surrounded by nature resources and busy harvesting.

Sep 11, 2017


Calibration and Rigidbody Lab

Calibrate the room and create rigidbodies in the Black Box Studio with OptiTrack Motive. 

Sep 11, 2017