Alipay Project - ETC

My friend created a company called TRAWE, which aims at improving the transportation on Highway with Internet in China. One of the projects was to integrate ETC (Electronic Toll Collection ) transaction with Alipay, from Alibaba Group. TRAWE had reached a consensus and made a partnership with Alipay. This function was later added on Alipay platform.


Design Tool – Sketch


Cooperation Tool – Zeplin

As I was cooperating with programmers in Beijing, I found it very convenient to use Zeplin. It generated design guideline and CSS automatically, so that programmers could easily follow. Project manager could also keep track with the latest design and make comments.


Zeplin Project Link


Logo & Business Card

As TRAWE company was closed to Chinese government, Ministry of Transportation. It wanted to be innovative and at the same time trustworthy. As a result, I chose these light green color and deep blue color. The logo itself was realistic which conveyed meaning explicitly.