Final Project Prototype

For the final, I team up with Hazel. She sent me her personal discomfort matrix as follow.


As a shy person with a little bit social phobia, I am also afraid of talking with strangers. Therefore, I totally understand Hazel's concern. I am living in a relaxing and warm neighborhood by the East River for more than a year now, but I am still not feeling comfortable talking with the people here. In other to ease the anxiousness, in this prototype, I try to create a virtual space with the sketching based on real people living in the same community.  


These are the people walked past me in my residential area. 


Basic Ideas

Realtime Interactive Sketchbook


Three interactions

  • Each page represents a real scene in life. By turning the page, you can hear the sound of this place and get comfortable with the environment. You will also see those avatars, who are the people looking at this page at this moment. 
  • You can move your character around to encounter other people.
  • By getting closer to someone, you are able to chat will them.

Mouse click to add your avatar in the book. Once there is another user connected, you will see his/her appearance.

Still working on the communication part with and the Interaction design....