Inside Out

Have you ever wondered what is happening inside those electronic devices? How they function? Inside a digital camera, there could be a bunch of little guys watching the video you take with this camera. In this project, I want to show a magic world that is in my imagination with AR object recognition technology. Let's see what's hiding behind a digital camera.





Augmented Reality, 3D Interaction
Unity, Vuforia, Maya


1. Modeling

Because the 3D model should look exactly the same as the real object, I create this one to match my digital camera, Canon5D Mark II with 24-105mm Lens. I also have my basic character created before, so that I can easily change it to fit different stories. For the rest of AR scene items, I download some from Sketchfab and create some easy ones. After preparing all the assets in Maya, I start to bring them into Unity.


2. Object Recognition

Model Target is a new feature of Vuforia. I look into the documentation and use its Model Target Generator to generate my camera model target dataset for unity.


3. Interaction

Create camera Reveal and Explode animation in Unity and write script control these animation with UI buttons.


4. Animation

I use Mixamo to create character animation and also create video playback in Augmented Reality. Here you can see that these little guys are enjoying the video.