Ancient Street

This is a one of the projects I did in a Japanese Animation Company, Named After By Co., Ltd. From script to camera setting and from motion to acting, I used mainly Premiere and Maya to create this animation, which is adapted from a famous Japanese history story, Mito Komon. It is a short TV series.



Animation, 3D Modelling
3ds Max, Maya, After Effect

In addition to the animation for character, I also created the models for the street with 3ds Max.



Here are the scripts I got from my team.



Paper Cut Animation

Before rigging and animating the models, I first created this simple paper version, so that I could figure out the timing and imagine what the result would look like.

Animate the model

According to the script and characteristics of the characters, I animated the expression and motion. With the reference from Paper Cut Animation, I also could managed the timing and camera right.