Early in my childhood, there was a toy called spirograph which used two different-sized plastic rings to produce mathematical roulette curves of the variety. I was fascinated by the beauty of math behind it. Therefore, collaborating with my classmate, Tong, I created a website where people could make their own spirograph and a machine which could physically draw out this spirograph simultaneously.



Creative Coding, Physical Computing, Fabrication
Html/CSS/Javascript, Arduino



Drawing Machine

Compared to digital printing, the joy of looking at a machine's drawing process and controlling it instantly brings people new interactive experience. The pen becomes your hand, doing repetitive work for you and listening to you instruction. Whenever you change the rotation speed on the webbsite, the pen follows it.


Mathematics & Mechanism

At first we think out the mathematics and mechanism of how it works and the materials we need to build this.


Then we make a simple prototype to see if it works. During this time, we had trouble with controlling three steppers at the same time. While debugging, we tried changing the code, the power supply, the driver.


After connecting all the electronic components and testing all the code, we started to make an enclosure for the machine and laser cut mounting parts for steppers, handles and canvas.


Demo in Class

Github repositories for the project