ARKit - Spirited Away

Inspired by the animation movie, Spirited Away, where Chihiro and her parents enters the spirit world through the gate of an abandoned amusement park. This project features in mixing a parallel world with our reality. 

ARKit, Unity, Shader, Maya

Model Target - Inside Out

Have you ever wondered what is happening inside those electronic devices? How they work? Inside a digital camera, there could be miniatures watching the video you take with this camera.

Unity, Maya, Vuforia

Augmented Reality - Prime Minister

Have fun playing with the prime ministers of United States and China! When Donald Trump meets Xi Jinping, what will happen?

Unity, Maya, Vuforia

Projection Mapping - Tiny Farmer

Late at midnight, when everyone falls asleep, a tiny creature mysteriously appears on my table and bookshelf. This little creature is a farmer in his cartoon world. Now he is a little bit scared, but at the same time very curious about human world.

MadMapper, Maya, Unreal Engine

Gif - Lin

This is a short animation with my name, Lin, using soft body dynamic simulation in Cinema 4D. 

Cinema 4D, Photoshop