AR Profile

In this project, I want to explore how how Machine Learning and Augmented Reality can reveal personal information and what the future of looking a person through screen will be like.

Dec 3, 2017


Data - Space 

In this project, I want to try to play with 3D spacial public data. The idea is to create an interactive 3D city book where people can navigate around. Each page shows a different city. 

Nov 12, 2017


Data - Text

Try to scrape webpage and play with text. In this assignment, I chooses the ITP course webpage and want to visualize the relationship between coursers, teachers and hottest words in class description. 

Oct 23, 2017


Data Self-Portrait

Based on the data I recorded with Apple Calendar, I visualized my 24 days started from Sep 1st, 2017 with LEGO blocks.

Sep 24, 2017